About Soelae

10 years of meditation, yoga and wellness training

Certified Meditation/Yoga Teacher, qualified Wellness Coach, Mindfulness Expert, Founder and Director of Integrate Wellness. 

Soelae is a leading expert in Meditation, speaking at iconic events such at as Wanderlust 108 and the ‘Stress & Overwhelm Summit’. She has run global wellness retreats with and has taught at companies such as Suncorp, RXP Group, Greenstone Financial, Aspire Buyer Agents, Snap Fitness, The Stillness Project, Chosen Experiences and The Wellness People.

Soelae’s approach to wellness is simple: to make meditation and wellbeing attractive, accessible and adaptable to our fast-paced modern lives.

Soelae was inspired to teach after experiencing first-hand the profound physical and mental benefits of meditation.

Having experienced burnout herself after a decade spent working as a event producer, she knows all too well the demands of a high-pressure job. Stuck in the ‘work hard, play hard’ cycle in a culture that thrives on performance, doctors said her health was in danger to due to severe stress.

This lead her on a path to find more balance and meaning in her own life. Studying yoga, seeking spiritual knowledge, various wellness practices and finally finding her love and passion in Meditation. She studied extensively with Vedic Meditation Teachers across the globe, including Gary Gorrow, Tom Cronin, Light Watkins and finally completing her Meditation Teacher Training with Charlie Knoles (Son of Vedic Meditation Master Thom Knowles (Maharishi Vyasananda).

Now, a mother living in Byron Bay, she offers private meditation courses and works with companies to create bespoke wellness and mindfulness programs in order to prevent burnout and inspire peak performance.

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