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Over two decades of Meditation teaching and study

Soelae is a meditation & mindfulness expert, speaker, and corporate wellness facilitator. Studying and teaching for over two decades, Soelae has run meditation and wellness retreats all over the world, teaching hundreds of people how to meditate.

Introduced to meditation, yoga and personal development work from a very young age, Soelaes’ approach is simple: to make meditation and well-being accessible and adaptable to our fast-paced modern lives. 

As a former events producer, Soelae experienced severe burnout and health issues from the excessive demands of a decade spent in an unfulfilling, high pressure job. 

As Soelae sought more balance and meaning in her own life, she studied yoga, meditation, wellness coaching and experienced various wellness and spiritual practices. This led her to find her love and passion in Meditation. 

Soelae completed her Meditation Teacher Training with Charlie Knoles, and the foundation of her current teachings stems from seven inspirational years working alongside Global Vedic Meditation Teachers including Light Watkins and Tom Cronin. 

Soelae has spoken at iconic events such as Wanderlust and the ‘Stress & Overwhelm Summit’. She has run global wellness retreats and has taught at companies such as Suncorp, RXP Group, Greenstone Financial, Assmeco, Aspire Buyer Agents, F45 Training, The Stillness Project, Chosen Experiences and The Wellness People.

Residing in Byron Bay, Soelae offers Vedic meditation courses and works with companies all over the country to create bespoke wellness and mindfulness programs to prevent burnout and inspire peak performance.

Through meditation, Soelae aims to empower people to connect to the essence of who they are, experience greater mental clarity, and ultimately access inner peace. 

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